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Camera Motion Equipment and Vehicles



Jersey Jibs  carries the Stanton Jimmy Jib Camera Crane system, offering both the Triangle and the model III versions. The cranes are constructed of rigid aluminum tubing and their modular design enables a variety of different configurations and lengths starting from 6' all the way to a 30' arm length.      (see spec chart) The base footprint is small enough to easily fit into interior locations but large and rugged enough to hold a 50 lb. camera at 33 ft. high.
Scorpius  is a versatile all terrain vehicle that will hold up to a 24’ long Jib and has mounts front and rear for both Steadicam or stabilized Robotic camera heads. 
Movi  a 3 axis stabilized camera gimbal capable of smooth footage in demanding situations.
LoMo custom made Low Angle Camera Vehicle that hosts a Movi or other stabilized gimbals.
Mundolly Slider Dolly which has been used on Sports Broadcast host sets and also where long smooth camera travel is needed. Can be laid on the ground or used with adjustable stands.
Remote Heads are also available as a stand-alone option. It will work in virtually any situation where remote operation of the camera is required. Whether it be on another brand of crane, a camera car rig, or an unmanned camera type situation (sports, lighting truss, etc.). The range of remote operation from camera head is about 300' and the mounting of the remote head itself is made by custom made mounts. For further information please contact us. 
Western Dolly is also available as a stand-alone rental option. We have made mounts to adapt the Jib but it will still function as it was originally intended. It measures overall 76” x 52”, the plywood platform is 48” x 66”. It’s weight capacity is 1200 lbs. and weighs approx. 200 lbs. It has quick release large inflatable tires that can roll over just about any terrain.
The Crane breaks down and packs into 4' cases which easily transport by freight shipping or on airlines as checked and/or extra baggage, and has done so many, many times.Jib_Specs.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0

The crane is also extremely mobile with the off road wheels and base (supplied), the Scorpius ATV and also the Western Dolly Base. This saves time and money by allowing faster acquisition of shots and easier camera repositioning. There is no need to repo a dolly on dolly track to achieve shots with motion, or to use a ladder to acquire high angle shots. Optional dolly track wheels are available and they fit standard round dolly track.

Our cranes are designed to go out as a package, including a skilled operator who controls the entire crane. This includes moving the arm and operating both the Camera and Remote head. Although we prefer our Cranes to go packaged in this configuration, we do offer separate controls for remote operation.

Cost effective
Rental fee even
includes the cost of the remote head. Most cranes systems charge additional fees for a remote head.

All packages include:
The crane arm, remote head with electronics, camera and lens control, tripod, off-road base, and one monitor (for operator). Packages do not come with camera or wireless focus systems (Client can supply or can be rented from Jersey Jibs for additional cost).


Triax / Fiber/ Digital/ Film cameras  -Any Digital/film camera having a video tap and weighing approx. 50 lbs. We've successfully used the Panavision Platinum series, all Sony, Panasonic, Reds, Arri, all Aatons and Moviecamera cameras. Smaller DV cams will require a separate Zoom/Focus controller.

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Teleprompters—Accommodates 9" & 12" LCD teleprompter


Western Dolly

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