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Rental Policies  
All equipment is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and in good working order when it leaves Jersey Jibs. Renter is solely responsible for any and all equipment used in the rental agreement. Equipment problems must be reported immediately in order to be considered for adjustment or repair. Adjustments will not be made for problems reported after termination of rental.
Your responsibility regarding equipment
Renter(s) assumes full responsibility for all rented items in their care and custody, whether a Jersey Jib employee is operating said equipment or not, and agrees to compensate Jersey Jibs for full replacement value should said equipment be lost, stolen, broken or damaged by any cause whatsoever. Renter further agrees to compensate Jersey Jibs for costs incurred in the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment necessarily caused by use of the renter in inclement weather. Jersey Jibs maintains the right to cancel the rental arrangement with renter on the basis of any safety or risk concerns with respect to the operator and/or the operation of the equipment, or any location that places the safety of the operator and/or equipment at risk.
New customers may be required to pay a first time 50% deposit before rental (due prior to or on completion of project).
Cancellations are subject to a fee of 50% of all rental and personnel costs if they occur within 24 hours of rental date and 40% if within 48 hours. Any expenses incurred in the planning of production will be paid in full by renter.
Rental prices do not include transportation costs (local excluded) or parking. All such costs are to be paid by the customer. They include all tolls, parking, shipping, mileage and any extra expenses.
Minimum rental period is one day. Operator and Tech rates are based on a 10 hour day. Overtime charges start after 10 hours and are calculated as follows: time and a half up to two hours, double time up to another two hours, then triple time begins. Travel days not exceeding five hours are billed at half the operator's tech rates. Any travel over five hours will be billed at a full day rate. Per diem will be charged to client for all overnight locations.
Any party signing this agreement on behalf of the renter represents that he/she is an agent for, and/or is authorized to sign this agreement with the full knowledge and consent of the renter. Regardless of whether this agreement is signed and returned to us prior to a job, all above terms and conditions will automatically be applied.
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